Last weekend was clichés and this weekend was sequels

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Not only were the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers involved in another loss suffered in the last moments of a game, they were involved in that scenario against each other.

The Pats were slowly crawling back into this game, and had just intercepted the ball at mid-field to start the fourth quarter.

They moved all the way to the Steelers 5-yardline…then threw a pick. Pittsburgh ate the clock and put up points on a field goal to win, 10-17.

The San Francisco 49ers had beaten a decent Broncos team the week prior and then played their reprise against the solid Seattle Seahawks.

The Niners fought through several egregiously incorrect penalties, hung in to stop a drive that sent the game into overtime, and scored a field goal on the second possession of OT to win, 23-26.

But the “Part Deux” for the Los Angeles Rams had roots that went deeper than just the “previous Sunday.”

As a matter of fact, this story virtually goes back one full-year.

In Week 14 of 2017 the Philadelphia Eagles played the Rams, in Los Angeles.

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz had thrown for 291-yards and four touchdowns, before he left the game with a season-ending knee injury.

Enter backup QB Nick Foles. He kept Philly in the game and they won on a fumble return.

Subsequently, the Eagles went on to win Super Bowl LII and Foles was named Super Bowl MVP.

However, the shine quickly came off that apple. Foles only started the first two games of 2018 before the job “Wentz” back to Carson.

It was announced that Wentz could not play against the Rams last Sunday due to a back injury…and the Eagles instantly became a 2-touchdown underdog.

L.A. gave a lack-luster performance in their loss to the Chicago Bears. They didn’t score a single TD and QB Jared Goff gave up four interceptions.

But on Sunday, against Philadelphia, they felt they had the bird in the bag.


Foles got back under center like he’d been playing there all season.

The Rams received the kickoff but went 3 & out.

Philly put up points on their first possession when their kicker nailed a 51-yard field goal, 3-0.

L.A. found a rhythm, moved 80-yards on 13-plays, and running back Todd Gurley took a short pass into the end zone, 3-7.

The Eagles put up another field goal early in the second quarter, and then mounted a sustained drive to end the Q with a touchdown.

Los Angeles just didn’t seem to have a spark. They scored field goals on back-to-back possessions. Goff threw an interception.

The game was tied at halftime, 13-13.

Any pep talks that may have been given were worthless. Because back from the locker room both teams punted out of their first possessions.

Philadelphia did effervesce the next time they got the ball.

Foles threw deep (50-yards) and a handoff was carried across the line, 20-13.

Los Angeles had to punt.

The Eagles added another field goal, and cashed in on a fumble.

With his back to the goal line, Goff took a snap. He tripped and fell on his drop-back. He was already in the grip of the defense as he got up.

Goff lost the ball, Philly recovered, and the Eagles scored, 30-13.

Foles had follies of his own, and tossed a pick that the Rams turned into a field goal.

Goff mowed 84-yards worth of lawn for a hard-fought touchdown, 30-23.

But it emptied their tanks.

Los Angeles fumbled a punt and Philly had the ball until the final minute.

Poor clock-management killed any chance.

The Rams had the ball…but no time.

L.A.’s last two games are against the Cards (3-11) and the 49ers (4-10).

Watch for them to be spoilers, because losing either game could cost the Rams a first round bye.

God Bless and buy somebody a meal…anonymously.

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