One went the distance…the other was short and sweet


Golden Boy Promotions delivered big from Las Vegas on Saturday.

The co-featured event was a Lightweight bout between southpaw Gilberto Gonzalez (27-3, 22 KO’s) and Mercito Gesta (29-1-2, 16 KO’s).

There was a lot of ring rust stuck to these two.

Gesta was returning after a 17-month layoff due to a torn labrum and Gonzalez was lacing them up for the first time in a year…for reasons undisclosed.

Both boxers spent the opening frame measuring their distance, and getting their timing down.

Gonzalez switched from orthodox to lefty, and continued fighting from that stance for the balance of the bout.

They opened it up more in Round 2, letting their hands go.

Toward the end of the round Gonzalez stepped forward with an uppercut.

Gesta retreated, tripled up on stiff jabs, and ended with a right cross. All of these landed with authority.

He followed with a flurry, but Gonzalez countered with an uppercut that found all sorts of face.

Gesta staggered back a few steps (more stunned than hurt) and smiled, nodding to acknowledge the punch.

Gonzalez got tagged several times before the bell and went to his corner bleeding profusely from the nose.

Despite the issues with his busted beak, Gonzalez managed to land an uppercut in Round 3 that dropped Gesta on the seat of his satins.

Gesta popped up, took the mandatory 8-count and went back at it for the rest of the round.

From here on out it was a nonstop slugfest.

Gonzalez remained competitive and aggressive. He marched forward and pressed Gesta to the ropes.

Gesta was more poised. He stayed on his toes, slipped away at angles, threw punches in bunches and appeared to land more effectively.

This was a very exciting and entertaining bout between two men that had no “quit” in them.

After ten punishing rounds they went to the scorecards and Mercito Gesta was awarded a well-deserved, unanimous decision victory.

*   *  *

The main event of the evening featured two undefeated fighters in the Super Lightweight division.

Antonio Orozco (25-0, 16 KO’s) entered the ring to face KeAndre Gibson (16-0-1, 7 KO’s).

These two let the leather fly from the start.

Gibson has fast hands but Orozco was swinging like a lumberjack…hacking away at the trunk from the start.

He would follow in after his jab, block or duck under any counterpunches and then chop to the body with both hands.

Good fighters know that investing in some work to the body will collect interest as the rounds go by, and have a big payoff in the end.

During an exchange in the 2nd round, Orozco landed a total of 10 body shots, throwing four in a row to the right before doubling up on the left.

In the last 30 seconds of Round 3 he put Gibson on the ropes and hammered away from hip to head.

Orozco landed so many, so hard that Gibson complained about the pain to his corner between rounds.

To this point Orozco had thrown twice as many punches and had landed significantly more.

Coming out for Round 4 Gibson held his right elbow tight against his side.

Orozco backed him around the ring at the top of the 4th, flicked out two jabs as he closed the distance and winged an overhand right that landed to the temple.

Gibson fell forward onto all fours.

He beat the count…but he couldn’t continue.

With the TKO victory Antonio Orozco remains undefeated and improves his campaign to 26-0, with 17 wins coming by way of knockout.

God Bless and invest in some bodywork.

Mark Felicetti is proud of his investments. Reach him at

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