Success with second try, and how many stuffed animals must perish before people stop wearing fake fur?

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Jaron Ennis’ robe and trunks were an abject fashion faux pas…an uneven blend of muppet, hooker and lampshade.

The color motif of the garish getup came directly from “My Little Pony”— shocking-pink sequined taffeta, trimmed with bright blue fake fur. And accented with white “tall” (flapper dress) fringe.

If Ennis’ everyday wardrobe reflects this sartorial calamity, it’s no wonder he fights so well.

The bout was for the vacant WBC United States Silver Welterweight title, and facing him in the ring last Friday was Armando Alvarez.

Alvarez added to the eyestrain by wearing trunks that were the exact same shade of blue as the canvas of the ring. At certain camera angles, it looked like his upper torso was floating above disembodied legs.

There was a lot of wild swinging in the opening frame, but they set a decent pace.

Round 2 started with more of the same; but by mid-point the muppet had begun landing to the torso with significant power.

Ennis began to showboat and clown. And why not? He was dressed for it.

Coming out of a clench at the top of the 3rd Ennis doubled up on lefts, landed to ribs and head and Alvarez dropped to a knee.

He got up and continued, but a minute later a body shot sent Alvarez south a second time.

He took the mandatory 8-count and the contest was allowed to continue, until a three-punch combination (jab, uppercut, hook) set Alvarez on the seat of his satins.

He took the count and “had-at-it” one last time.

Ennis landed another uppercut, and this one put Alvarez onto all fours.

The referee had seen enough, and called a halt to the contest.

Good call, ref.

Jaron Ennis (21-0, 19 KO’s) remains undefeated and accessorized his outfit with the neon green WBC belt.


On the same evening, at a different venue, Lamont Roach made a second attempt at the vacant WBO International Super Featherweight title.

In April of this year, Roach (17-0-1, 7 KO’s) fought to a draw in a bid for that belt. Last week he laced them up against Deivi Julio Bassa (20-5, 12 KO’s).

Bassa skidded into this match on 4-losses, with 1-no contest, and only 3-wins in his last eight fights.

Bassa’s last bout was a knockout win over Yohangel Romero, but don’t break out the fireworks and champagne.

Yohangel “Canvas Back” Romero has ZERO wins, against 28-defeats…26 of those losses coming by way of knockout.

Romero has been K.O.’d so many times his photo won’t stay up on the site. It slid out of the frame and fell completely off the page. You can check for yourself.

Roach set the tempo from the start, using his jab to test the distance and then follow in with straight rights.

After tagging Bassa a couple of times Roach was able to elicit a panicked retreat just by feinting with his right shoulder.

Trying to stay out of range, Bassa (a southpaw) kept leaning forward and reaching in. His feet weren’t set, he couldn’t sit down on his punches and his counters had no power.

They both picked up the pace in Round 2, but when Bassa got too close Roach either popped him in the pie-hole or twitched that shoulder to make Bassa back away.

That frame was much more even than the first, but Roach still held an edge.

At the close of the 3rd Roach landed a three-punch combo, ending with a right hook that put Bassa on his back pockets.

He got up and made it to the bell.

Bassa was more wary in the rounds that followed, but the factors in the equation remained the same: Roach advanced behind his jab and landed with both mitts; when Bassa closed the distance, Roach countered to the cabeza.

Bassa’s corner estimated the danger in continuing and threw in the towel between rounds.

Lamont Roach remains undefeated and took home the title.

God Bless and never

stop trying.

Mark Felicetti has never tried stopping. Reach him at


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