You get winner’s share: $65 less $15 locker and cornerman, $5 shower and towel and 7% tax


That’s where the rip-off starts.

The recent controversies in the Ward/Kovalev and Rigondeaux/ Flores fights have cast a dark cloud over the ring, and the result is an anathema to boxing enthusiasts and fans of fair and honest adjudicating.

It didn’t get any prettier when Manny Pacquiao fought undefeated and unknown Jeff Horn.

Horn’s record is thinner than a runway model during fashion week…and his opponents haven’t been much tougher.

Pacquiao took control of the pace, dictated the tempo, and was landing the harder and more effective punches

Manny is a southpaw and Horn has the aggressive sensibilities of a mountain goat. The inevitable head clashes came in the middle rounds.

Horn’s Alpine ibex style opened deep gashes on both sides of Pacquiao’s head.

In Round 9, Pacquiao landed a barrage so severe it left Horn battered and bloody.

The referee told Horn, “I’m here to protect you. You’ve had enough” and he had every intention of calling an end to the competition.

But Horn’s corner pleaded for another round.

The ref acquiesced, with the caveat that Horn shows him something or the fight would be stopped.

Horn hung on and went the distance.

Going to the scorecards it was a unanimous decision…for Horn.

Two judges scored it 115-113, and judge Waleska Roldan had it 117-111.

How is that possible?

Manny landed more punches (twice as many) at a higher percentage (double the connect rate).

The first two judges need to be removed and retired “permanent” as Mickey (from Rocky) would say.

Ms. Roldan needs an eye examination and a battery of tests to her cognitive thinking abilities…running a forensic accounting of her finances might not be out of the question, either.

A request for review has already been filed.


The WBC Silver Super Lightweight title had no controversy other than its inherent, titular shame.

“Silver” equals “cash.”

It allows the organization more opportunities to wring large sums of money out of the boxers in sanctioning fees.

The “silver” moniker is simply a new name for the body’s added “interim” titles…and those are multiplying like tribbles.

The cell division of the “actual title” into the “interim titles,” and the “silver titles” create new revenue sources for the WBC, while separating mugs from their hard earned coin.

It’s shameful.

Fortunately, the fight was good.

Undefeated Josh Taylor faced equally undefeated Ohara Davies.

Southpaw Taylor made a good accounting of himself against his first solid competition.

Taylor is light on his feet, has fast hands, and possesses great timing.

He creates openings, sets up for counterpunches, and makes investments in the body, which paid an early dividend.

Throughout Round 3 Taylor bombed to the body with both hands. This brought Davies’ elbows down to defend his flanks leaving his head exposed.

With only seconds left in the round, Taylor connected with a stiff jab.

Davies went rubbery, stepped back, and took a knee. The mandatory 8-count brought them to the bell.

Davies was still game to go into the middle rounds, but he was outclassed in every respect. By the end of Round 7, he was done.

Taylor landed a perfectly timed counterpunch that found face and sent Davies south, a second time.

He got up, turned his back, and the referee called a halt to the contest.

Taylor remains undefeated and improves his campaign to 10-0 with nine wins coming by way of knockout…he also owes the WBC several grand in sanctioning fees.

God Bless and never leave it in the hands of the judges.

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