April Wish’s candid, often comic ‘Clementine’ salutes power of motherhood

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A moving, dynamic examination of motherhood past and present, April Wish’s one-woman show, Clementine, explored both her joys and concerns with raising kids and measuring up to the performances of her own grandmother and mother. Raw, honest and often hilarious, the show focused on celebrating the lives of women and the child inside each of us.

Wish blended thoughtful passages and comic moments as she journeyed between her childhood memories and modern issues with raising children, reflecting on the pressures and promises of parenthood and losing yourself while focusing on others.

Her expressive, tender performance perfectly captured a frazzled but happy mother’s daily life and the memory of important models in her life. Emotions flew over Wish’s face as revealing body movement and hand gestures emphasized dramatic moments and the various characters.

Director Jessica Lynn Johnson highlighted Wish’s busy life with constant movement and hustle- bustle, matching the energy of Wish’s rambunctious daughter while also finding time for reflective, quiet moments.

First-rate production work by Brandon Loeser enhanced the production’s themes, particularly the effective mood lighting, sound effects and video work.

Full of emotion and power, Clementine stands as Wish’s potent love letter to her daughter and to her own beloved childhood.

“Clementine” played Saturday, February 23 as part of Solofest at Whitefire Theatre located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. Tickets cost $20. Visit AprilWish.com for more.April Wish’s candid, often comic ‘Clementine’ salutes power of motherhood


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