Captivating ‘The North Plan’ inspires laughter and moral conviction in NoHo through Apr. 28

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Early in the captivating production of The North Plan, a character declares that he feels like he’s in a Kafka story. Frank Kafka was an early 20th century writer who challenged audiences through novels like The Trial to have passion, individuality and humanity in a world that can sometimes overlook our rights, personalities and freedoms. Similarly, The North Plan challenges us to reflect deeply on our civil liberties and to see moral conviction as a noble virtue.

In the play, an aggressive political party takes power in America, and a government official escapes with a secret list of opponents to the regime. The official soon finds himself captured and in jail, somewhere in the Ozark Mountains. In a separate cell within the same jail, an impassioned woman named Tanye Shepke (played by the lovely Emily De Margheriti) refuses to be silent, demanding to be heard. She insists that she has been imprisoned for doing the right thing.

De Margheriti turns Tanye into a totally believable, three-dimensional woman whose passion can be felt at every moment. The rest of the gifted cast—Scott Haze, Dylan Kenin, Amy Argyle, Jim Freivogel and Shane Vitkovich—also perform with compelling realism.

The set is designed with terrific attention to detail, appearing just like the authentic interior of a police station. The jail cells, the clerk’s desk, and other design elements have been prepared with care.

While the play explores serious topics, there is also plenty of humor. We are entertained as we consider profound philosophical questions.

Highly recommended.

“The North Plan,” plays Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm through April 28 at The Sherry Theater located at 11052 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood. Visit for tickets.


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