Carla Delaney’s one-woman ‘Voices’ speaks volumes at Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks Thurs., Mar. 14

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Carla Delaney’s one-woman show Voices is returning to Solofest at the Whitefire Theatre on Thursday, March 14 and should not be missed. This talented voiceover actress uses her gift to take us on a trip of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

In 2015, Delaney was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Syndrome, a hypo-thyroid condition that can affect the voice. She wondered: How can this be? Why her voice? She had been blessed with a talent for vocal impressions, and the ability to create a multitude of characters through her voice. She wasn’t going to let this diagnosis get her down.

Through diet and holistic therapy, Delaney controlled the condition and moved on. She later learned that a lot of women are affected this way, with vocal issues.

Delaney’s specialty is celebrity sound-alikes, mimicking Bart Simpson, Betty White, Drew Barrymore and many more. And she is good. However, personally, she lacked the confidence to speak up in her own defense. Where was her voice? Delaney credits much of her realization to her director, Jessica Lynn Johnson. Through Johnson’s gentle guidance, Delaney began to weave the threads together to form a theme. This woman of many voices was finally learning to use her own voice to stand up for herself and Voices was created. In it, she has created 35 different characters who try to get her to hear the message of strength, including her “Decision Making Team” consisting of Head, Heart, Subconscious and Fear.

The “new” Delaney is still diplomatic when dealing with difficult people, but will defend her beliefs. “There is no greater feeling than sticking up for yourself,” she says.

Voices is sharp and lively and fun to watch. But it is also insightful: Do we cause our own health issues at times? Is that lump in the throat just us swallowing our emotions?


Carla Delaney’s “Voices” is on stage at 8pm on Thursday, March 14 at Whitefire Theatre located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. For tickets visit or call Whitefire Theatre at (818) 990-2324.


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