I have a duo of productions to tell you about this week. Both at the same theatre and both highly entertaining! This theatre group just never disappoints! Make it a point to catch both of them!

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‘Death Before Cocktails’

A comedic look at the varied effects of one woman’s death on a group of her wacky friends and her twin sister. CLEVERLY written with playful charm and plenty of laughs by Laureen Vonnegut, who also directs with Alex Rotaru…this is a comedic look at a life and death situation.

We are privy to a quirky group of people, gathered to honor the life of Sophie, the recently deceased twin sister of Lana (played with SASSY DELIGHT by Ariel Hart). A darkly comedic look at those closest to Sophie, the storyline and characters are wildly wacky and the laughs are non-stop!

Taking place in a trendy bar in Palm Springs (a MOST APPEALING set by Argent Lloyd), Sophie’s flamboyant friends are decidedly colorful…each one nuttier than the last! This is one wacky wake! Paul Keany as Lana’s ex-fiancé, who now swings both ways, and Tom Kearney as one of her ex-boyfriends, give WILDLY HILARIOUS performances and Damian Diaz, as a gay Latin dentist, nearly steals the whole show! A quirky depiction by Rose Hunter as the cocktail waitress adds to the fun!

This is a highly entertaining, laugh out loud production from start to finish! Technically TOP NOTCH too, as always, at this theatre – KUDOS to Jennifer Nwene for lighting, Laura Covael for set art and John Schnackenberg and Rob Taylor for music.

An unusual storyline, loaded with infectious insanity…do catch this one!

“Death Before Cocktails” plays through Sunday, May 13 at Theatre 68 located at 5112 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood. For tickets and information visit Theatre68.com.

‘I Am Not a Comedian…I’m Lenny Bruce’

Extended until May 13, this is a brilliant one-man play. Performed with cutting edge EXCELLENCE by Ronnie Marmo, and directed by Joe Mantegna, this compelling, humorous, X-rated and informative play takes us into the heart and soul of this darkly unique man. I’ve seen it twice and hope to catch it one more time!

For tickets to this one, again visit Theatre68.com.

Ta-ta for now…see you at the theatre!

In addition to writing about theatre for The Tolucan Times, Pat Taylor owns Hubba Hubba! vintage clothing store in Burbank.


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