‘Nunsense 2 ~ The Second Coming’… What’s more fun than a stage full of nuns???

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“Nunsense 2,” written by Dan Goggin and directed by Coleen Forward, is an evening of guffaws and irreverent but playful humor. The players, Mother Superior (Marty McCambridge) and four nuns, all have the vocal chops worthy of the sometimes hilarious (“What Would Elvis Do?”), sometimes tear-inducing (“No One Cared Like You”) songs.

The Little Sisters of Hoboken, or the “Little Hobos,” as they are affectionately called, want to put on a show. Since the original “Nunsense,” they have been bitten by the theatre bug. But Sister Amnesia, (Linda Miller) so called when she lost her memory after being conked on the head by a crucifix, is being pursued by two Franciscans with their eyes on her Publisher’s Clearing House winnings. Chaos ensues, and Sister Robert Anne (Debbie Lowe) decks a Franciscan offstage. Carol Bratcher (Sister Hubert) and Vicki Kirk (Sister Mary Leo) round out this cast of talented women.

The production is simple; the costumes, well, they are habits.  At times the nuns engage the audience with sing-alongs and even a rigged Bingo game. A whole lot of fun.

Presented by Elate (Emmanuel Lutheran Actor’s Theatre Ensemble). Established in 1992, it has presented a myriad of productions over the years. The theater itself, downstairs from the church, is quite comfortable. And the seats rock!

Despite a couple of minor glitches and one wardrobe malfunction, “Nunsense 2” was a hoot and well worth seeing.

Playing through May 13th at the Lincoln Stegman Theatre, 6020 Radford Avenue, North Hollywood, 91606.

Laura Voeth has studied thea-tre in San Francisco and Los Angeles. She has appeared in film, television and commercials.


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