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Written by the very clever and world-renowned Neil Simon, this is a hilarious and madly maniacal play! Reading his impressive bio, on the subject of the play, he stated, “This is completely different for me, unlike anything I’ve ever written, it is my first farce.” A wildly funny farce it is, with twists and turns and plenty of laughs!

Directed with FAST PACED LUNACY by Doug Engalla, it plays out on a gorgeous set, designed by Chris Winfield, and in fab costumes by Angela M. Eads. This is one top-notch production!

The nutty story unfolds in a lovely New York home at a dinner party. HYSTERICAL DEPICTIONS by the entire cast…each actor funnier than the last. Oddly, there is no food, servants or liquor to be seen, and something disastrous seems to be going on upstairs. As insanity erupts, a group of quirky people arrive to celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of the couples. It is soon apparent that nothing is going as planned.

The whole scenario gets quirkier with every moment, but I must not reveal too much. This one is tricky to tell you all about without spoiling the fun. So outrageously wacky…I, and the rest of the audience, laughed out loud time and time again! And you will too! The insanity runs rampant from start to finish.

The strong and zany cast deserves mention throughout, including the understudies, so although there are many names to mention, I feel I must: Todd Andrew Ball, Patrick Burke, Kent Butler, Fox Carney, Cheryl Crosland, Doug Haverty, LizAnne Keigley, Hisato Masuyama-Ball, Robert McCollum, Judy Rosenfeld, Debi Tinsley and Michele Bernath.

Do make a point of catching this one! Back soon with more theatrical musings.

“Rumors” is running through Sunday, July 29 at the long respected Lonny Chapman Theatre located at 10900 Burbank Blvd. in North Hollywood. For tickets visit TheGroupRep.com or call (818) 763-5990.

In addition to writing about theatre for The Tolucan Times, Pat Taylor owns Hubba Hubba! vintage clothing store in Burbank.



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