Theatre 68’s ‘A Flock of Macaws’ an homage to survivors of abandonment

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It’s always a treat to watch a cast so finely tuned as that of A Flock of Macaws, currently playing at Theatre 68 in North Hollywood. Perhaps it is the intriguing writing style of Sam Henry Kass, or the silky smooth direction of Ronnie Marmo. Whatever it may be, the 70-minute production whizzes by.

The concept is simple: a young woman reaches out to the mother who abandoned her at birth. But that is where the simplicity ends. What ensues is a barrage of questions, insults and admissions, peppered with political barbs. Kass takes shots at current events and high profile people, but weaves it gracefully into the dialogue.

Deborah Geffner as the mother is a gifted actress who makes us love her, in spite of her actions toward her daughter, powerfully played by Mercedes Manning. The paternity is in question, so we are treated to several possible candidates, all portrayed with humor by the versatile Hansford Prince. Julia Valentine Larson takes on the remaining roles as “the actress,” deftly bringing the audience in and out of reality. The show is funny and poignant, pertinent and irreverent. And never boring.

Theatre 68 was started 16 years ago by actor Ronnie Marmo who, when he landed his first major role, had only 68 cents to his name. Originally located in Hollywood, it is now in the former Deaf West/Antaeus space which has been completely renovated.

“A Flock of Macaws” plays Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays, on October 7 and 14, at 3pm through Saturday, October 20 at 5112 Lankershim Blvd. in NoHo. For tickets and information visit


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