A Piece of Brooklyn, right here in Hollywood

photo by A. Mesa

Rico Simonini, Johnny Williams in “Brooklyn, USA.”

People are so attuned and enthralled with the extravagance associated with the lifestyle of crime organizations like the Mafia. Popular culture is inundated with shows in this genre, like The Sopranos, Goodfellas and Bugsy, for the vicarious thrill.

To mix metaphors, Write Act Repertory’s production of Brooklyn, USA is The Godfather of mob stories, based on real events of Murder Incorporated, the enforcement arm of America’s crime syndicate. Write Act Repertory, in collaboration with producing artistic directors John Lant and Ken Cosby, and producer Anne Mesa, is known to take good material and develop it with a fine company of actors, authentic accents, mannerisms and all.

Brooklyn, USA celebrates and chronicles tales of true to life gamblers and gangsters, with Runyon-eske monikers like “Albert Anastasia” (Johnny Crear); “The Dasher“ (Louie Liberti); “Philadelphia” (Johnny Williams); and “Smiley Manone“ (Rico Simonini).

A distinctive blend of colorful characters and snappy dialogue that grew out of the Prohibition, “liquor makes you feel even better, if you already feel good,” infuses Brooklyn, USA with a true essence of the era. With the popularity of New York’s long running Law and Order, and Eliot Ness’ The Untouchables, the battle between corruption and justice is forever ongoing, and is a running theme in this compelling bio-play.

With macabre methods of death, and mayhem, Brooklyn, USA brings to stage a huge part of American history. Its theme of good guys ultimately prevailing will resonate with the audience and fill a void.

Through July 31
Thurs, Fri, Sat. 8 p.m.
6128 Yucca St. Hollywood, CA

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