From l, David Morgan and John Ruby in “ART.”

From l, David Morgan and John Ruby in “ART.”

We guard our perceptions and opinions as vigorously as we do our lives. For our perceptions define us as individuals, and our opinions separate us from our peers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, be it music, sculpture, film, architecture, or a painting. But beauty can be frivolous, sacred, and at times, profane. These themes are explored in ARTists Production of ART.

This French play, written by Yasmina Reza, displays a sharp wit by divulging not only what the characters project who they are, but also what they think and feel internally. Brutal honesty comes to the forte.

It starts with a painting, all white. Purchased by Serge (John Ruby) for 200,000 francs. A lot of money spent on a painting with little distinction or notoriety. This puts his friend Marc (David Morgan) on edge. Marc is furious with Serge, who considers the piece (expletive). Serge defends his decision. The discussion becomes heated. Enter pal Yvan (Joshua Thomas) who doesn’t care either way. The other two attempt to persuade Yvan on their particular point of view. But Yvan has problems of his own.

Directed by TV veteran Bruce Cervi, ART is wicked funny, as barbs become jabs, jabs into near punches. All over a painting! Kudos belongs to producer Adeye Sahran, who assembled an outstanding cast and crew. Joshua Thomas stands out with a performance that produces laughs and tears.

ART demonstrates the conflict of our preferences and prejudices with humor and delicious wit. Recommended.

ART runs through Feb. 22 at The Actors Workout Studio located at 4735 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood. For tickets call (818) 506-3903 or visit


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