Betrayal and ‘what ifs’ enter ‘The Marriage Zone’ at Secret Rose Theatre


Imagine if you will, a paradox in time, where a couple has the chance to alter the future by changing the past while still in the present. Consider the choices we take, the paths we follow, the lines we cross to become who we are and how each decision cascades into consequence, be it reward or tragic. The trick is with the inclusion of others and how that can create a life of happiness and joy, or loneliness and frustration.

Jeff Gould’s The Marriage Zone is an excellent example of fusing drama and comedy together with relevant and entertaining results.

We are introduced to a seemingly happy couple (an outstanding Anne Leighton as Beth and  Jeff Pride as Cal) planning to move into a better neighborhood. Beth wants the move, Cal doesn’t. Their bickering opens up some old wounds. Then bells ring, a young couple, Ellie (a vivacious Megan Barker) and Skip (Ryan Cargill) want to take a peek. Banter ensues and they discover that Ellie and Skip are Beth and Cal 20 years prior. Gould does an outstanding job with dropping subtle cultural references without going over the top.

And to take it up a notch, another knock on the door and couple Mike (Alex Hyde-White) and Liz (Jacee Jule) are the same couple 20 years hence.

Ellie makes a decision that has a butterfly effect. Now they must sort through betrayals and secrets to discover if their marriage is worth fighting for.

The production is blessed with a stellar cast and a great script. There are tender moments as well as comedic. Interesting in how the little things can have such large repercussions.

Highly recommended.

“The Marriage Zone” plays through Sunday, August 27 at the Secret Rose Theatre located at 11246 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood. Visit or call (323) 960-7784.

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