Finally — Cinderella: The True Story from the Nine O’Clock Players

Melanie Edward as Cinderella and Kim Harrison as the Prince.

Melanie Edward as Cinderella and Kim Harrison as the Prince.

The lead song in Act Two of Cinderella is “So Long as I Get My Cupcakes” and I can add and eat them too. The Nine O’Clock Players’ fresh view of well-known children’s stories is like having that special cupcake — iced just right and flavored to the hilt. There is nothing quite like it.

Cinderella: The True Story puts a fresh spin on an old tale. Cinderella is into social justice, or at least not into jewels and the like. Also, her feet don’t exactly fit the glass slippers. She isn’t exactly pining for the prince. This girl has some sensibility about her.

And, sensibility she needs as she deals with the mean stepmother and stepsisters and an out-of-whack Fairy Godmother who needs to meet the Tooth Fairy at midnight for a dental appointment. Where is a good dentist when you need one?

Director Randy Brenner adds some new dimensions to this charming musical with a cast led by Melanie Edward in the title role. Other performers include: Judy Claverie, Mary Ferrara, Pam Schroer, Arlen O’Hara, Judy Rozzen, Lisa Sherman, Mary Lyon, Dee Nasatir, Kim Harrison, and Lenore Schlachtman.

Carole Onofrio works overtime as the costume designer with many characters having multi outfits — each colorful and fun. As I was leaving the theatre one little girl said that she really loved the play and it was her favorite. So listen to her.

Performances remaining on March 16, 17, 23, and 24 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $12. Cinderella: The True Story stages at Nine O’Clock Players Theatre for Children located at 1367 North St. Andrews Pl. in Los Angeles. For tickets, visit For reservations call the box office at (323) 469-1970.


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