Front Porch Band


Front Porch Band (Joel, Michael, Guido, Spero, Brantley & Tom)

The root of American music is as diverse and contains raw emotional power. It embraces the listener with a fiery caress. Its origins are of myth and legend open to mystique and debate. Front Porch Band delivers the zeal and potency of blues, bluegrass, and Cajun. This is music that is unique in its capturing musical instrumentation of guitar, fiddle, and harmonica for the front-end, while bass and drums solidify and driving, mesmerizing beat.

Judy Rudin (harmonica and vocals) leads the band with a natural stage presence as the band plays with vibrancy that only seasoned musicians can attain. Joel Wachbrit (guitar and vocals), Bob Bernstein (pedal steel and dobro) and Tom Corbett (mandolin) play with subtle flair. Spero Anthony and Michael Monagan comprise the thumping rhythm section. Brantley Kearns plays a mean fiddle. Together, the band played old favorites as well as some very nifty originals.

Songs of note are “Take You Fishing,” “Please Help Me I’m Falling,” and “Hit the Road,” which has a bluesy, primal power. Front Porch Band delivers the goods. The music played can be enjoyed by all – they don’t pigeonhole themselves into one particular genre. Highly refreshing to listen to musicians really let go and play.

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