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I hope this…my first chat with my readers in 2011, finds all of you well, as we store away the remnants of Christmas…and ponder the holiday memories, for still another year. It is a bustling, festive, maniacally busy, overly expensive ordeal for most people…when we overeat, drink, party and shop…as we wait for the bills to arrive. As much as I love the whole process of the “holiday hoopla”…I, like most of you, breathe a sigh of relief when the new year arrives, and quietly resolve to be a smarter, happier, more evolved person in the fresh new journey ahead.

Theatrically speaking…(this is a “theatre” column after all…) 2010 was a challenging one financially. Money is tight everywhere, as politicians squabble, looking for problem solving solutions…and supporting the “arts” is way down the list of most folks’ agendas. Los Angeles is a big city bubbling over with talented people, anxious to share their gifts and visions…often called “the City of Broken Dreams.” Most of us have a hopeful friend or family member, struggling for recognition in the entertainment business, as they flock here to “make their mark” from all over the world. Like everything else these days, producing a play is an involved and expensive process and relies on our support and interest to survive. At the same time, “catching” a play offers us access to entertaining ideas, worlds, concepts, and raging talent…a two hour escape from our daily grind.

Whether a particular production is humorous, serious, good or “not so good,” we leave with something new to ponder, and a satisfying sense that we’ve offered support to “the entertainment capitol of the world.” While you’re mentally making your “to do list” for 2011 – I do hope you’ll make it a point to attend some L.A. Theatre!

While the larger venues can be considerably costly…many of the smaller “equity waiver” theatres, (which are mostly the ones I review) run between $15 and $25 a seat. With a movie, a soft drink, and a popcorn, running about $20…this seems pretty reasonable to me. Don’t know how to pick which plays to see? That’s easy…just keep reading my theatre column…(and others too) and pick out the ones that interest you. It’s a fun…informative…and involved way to share in the dreams of the “creative hopefuls” in our midst. Actors, directors, producers and “Tech” Wizards…who are born to share their visions…need audiences to shine! Post-Holiday productions don’t start up until mid-January…but I’ve already booked a few promising plays to see and to tell you about. See you at the “theatah!” Happy 2011 to all! May it bring us all closer to our dreams!

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