I didn’t catch any plays on the weekend, but I have a couple coming up in the near future, that look like winners!


Let me give you a “heads up” … so you have a chance to book seats early, if interested.

The Ghost of Gershwin – A World Premiere Opening on May 8 at The Lonny Chapman Theatre in North Hollywood.

Billed as a “new old fashioned musical.” Directed by one of L.A.’s most visionary and highly regarded artistes of “live musical productions” … Jules Aaron, and boasting a fine cast of seven, this one looks like a mesmerizingly captivating story. Written by Doug Haverty with original music by Wayland Pickard, who also penned the lyrics with Laura Manning. We meet a struggling young composer in Brooklyn … present day. He is haunted by the remarkable music of George Gershwin … and in a life changing circumstance … actually meets him. A zany and romantic musical set in the 1930s, celebrating the musical stylings of George and Ira Gershwin, this is an inside peek at two of America’s most celebrated musical icons. I’ll be there on opening night, and tell you all about it. If you’d like to book seats early call (818) 763-5990 or go to thegrouprep.com.

Dorian’s Descent – A World Premiere Musical Opening May 30 at Hollywood’s Met Theatre.

Offered by Doma Theatre Company, and Requiem Media Productions, and based on the novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Featuring a gigantic cast of 24 actors/singers, I expect to be blown away! Promising an evening on “love, seduction, decadence, and murder….” and directed by the unstoppable Marco Gomez … the entire design team is some of L.A.’s most revered artists. The brilliant young musical director Chris Raymond (who also co-wrote the script with Gomez and Michael Gray) states: “It’s a wild, magical, and mysterious story, and the themes are so relevant in today’s image-obsessed culture.” Doma Theatre has a glowing reputation for presenting large scale Broadway styled musicals, in an intimate theatrical setting. Their flawless production of Dreamgirls in the same theatre, won L.A. Weekly’s “Musical of the Year” as well as multi other awards around Los Angeles. This troupe is fearless! Make a point of discovering their ingenious vision! Book seats early as they usually sell out quickly! For seats call (323) 802-4990 or go to doriansdescent.com. Tell them Pat from The Tolucan Times sent you. I am a fan!

That’s my chatter for this week. As always, more to come soon!

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