I only caught one production on the weekend


It was a voyeuristically titillating and provocative drama … and worthy of your time.

Orange Flower Water

Sarah Ann Schultz and Jeff Denton in “Orange Flower Water.”

Sarah Ann Schultz and Jeff Denton in “Orange Flower Water.”

Written passionately by Craig Wright, known for his writing on blockbuster TV shows such as Six Feet Under and Lost, this is a most unique and captivating script. A hauntingly in-depth look at the dissolution of two marriages … this gritty and hard hitting drama packs an emotional wallop! Under the steamy and focused direction of Stephanie Feury in her intimate theatre space, we witness two intermingling marriages, as they dissolve before our very eyes. The complications of both couples’ intense relationships unfold in a bedroom. Each must face the gut-wrenching experience of letting go and “moving on,” interchanging scenes on the center stage bed. Hauntingly opening with an eerie wordless moment, when the quartet of actors sit speechless in corners … the dark tone is set. Next scene: A couple, each married to others, enters a hotel room, sizzling with forbidden lust. An in-depth look at marriage and infidelity, from the viewpoints of all concerned, the plot is intriguing and the performances are top notch all round! Two married couples with children, living the hypothetical “American family dream,” now find their relationships unraveling. The foursome who’ve been acquaintances and co-soccer parents, now face unthinkable challenges. Giving in to desire, David and Beth secretly meet for a romantic tryst in a hotel room, dishonoring their vows to Cathy and Brad. Cleverly, the entire play takes place “on or around” a bed, as the darkly complex story unfolds (set and costumes artistically designed by Nora Wilde). Four heart-wrenchingly volatile and multi-faceted performances are given by the excellent cast, as the scintillating story plays out. Kudos to Sarah Ann Schultz (as Beth), Mick Thyer (as Brad), Leslie Liberman (as Cathy), and Jeff Denton (as David). This brutally realistic, “slice of life” drama explodes with hard, cold truths! Taking us on an emotional roller coaster ride … the outcome offers hope and new beginnings for all involved. I had seen another production of this play years ago at Burbank’s Victory Theatre, which was also very good. Deeply struck by the differences in the way the two fine productions were presented … I was once again reminded how deeply vital a “director” is to the final outcome of any production! Running Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays through April 20 at the Stephanie Feury Studio located at 5636 Melrose Ave. (near Larchmont) in Los Angeles. For tickets call (323) 463-7378 or online at plays411.com/orangeflowerwater. * Allow yourself time for street parking … It can be challenging.

Viva Las Vegas

This weekend marks that time of year again, when Vegas is taken over by “Rockabilly” folks from all over the world! Abundant with spirit, tattoos, famous bands of the ‘50s era, classic cars, and vintage clothing shows … it is said to be “the party of the year” … that rocks on for days! Based at The Orleans Hotel, you must book rooms there a year in advance … or try to stay at one of the outer-lying hotels. Tho’ I’ve never gone (too crazy for me) … it is a profitable and fun time at my vintage store, “Hubba Hubba!” … and for all of my friendly vintage competitors too, along Magnolia Park’s eclectic row. A huge number of returning customers from all over the world, stop in to buy “fab” vintage clothing and jewelry for this event every year! So far this month … people from 15 countries have popped in and shopped till they dropped! Many foreign people of all ages flock in … Most are covered from head to toe with “tattoo art” … and all are so friendly, fun loving, and polite! Year after year, I am so impressed with these foreign visitors’ sincere efforts to communicate in English. In this area … I totally feel that they put most Americans to shame! My store is buzzing with International Energy! I’m totally pooped!

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