I only have one production to tell you about this week


It was a “showstopping” family friendly departure, from the usual theatrical staged plays I generally cover for review….

Gary Peterson’s Supernatural Magic Show

From l, German Opera star MAVI and Gary Peterson prac-tice their Supernatural Illusions for El Portal Theatre running through June 24.

A highly entertaining, majestic, and hypnotically baffling evening of magic, marionettes, music, and mirth … Directed stylishly by Tony Clark … this is a wonderful show for the entire family! For some unknown reason, the production didn’t offer printed programs to the audience members, so I must rely on The El Portal’s pre-show press release (… and my own experience), for pertinent information, about this eerie extravaganza. Starring Gary Peterson, this is a “larger than life,” highly original magic show, that delighted and baffled the crowd throughout! This Las Vegas styled “celebration of illusion” featured all elements of magic … from close up and slight of hand, to amazingly mystical full stage production “wonderment.” Having been long fascinated with magic, the “super natural,” and historical wonders of life, Gary started his “magic dream” at 12 years old, while in the hospital fighting a kidney disease. He has spent his life ever since, performing and creating awesome illusions. Here, with the assistance of two perky and lovely ladies in the show … Mavi and Amy, and spontaneous kids, picked from the audience … he takes us on an eye popping journey of “what ifs,” and “How the heck did he do that?” Mavi, a German opera singer, also performs a chilling song. Peterson’s large scale illusions: “The Supernatural Sphere,” “The Guillotine,” and “Neon Blades of Despair.” Impressive! The highly skilled Scott Land presents his world famous marionettes. A “master of strings,” his act is charmingly enchanting, and his talent is beyond belief. He builds his marionettes himself with intricate detail, and then magically brings them to life! His Michael Jackson character, singing and dancing “I’m Bad,” was a showstopper! Next up … the animated highly awarded magician Danny Cole, assisted by his wife, Stacey, takes the stage. His quirky style of magic offers tricks that involve manipulation, and split second spontaneous changes … right before our eyes. Fast and fun! Thrill seeking adults and wide eyed kids should experience this lively, amazing, and well performed large stage show. It is magical! (Pardon the pun.) “A spellbinding escape from reality as we know it … and into the world of possibility.” You must be quick to catch it though, as it closes on June 24, with 6 performances left this week … Wednesday through Sunday. Tickets are $40–$50. If taking the children along … ask about their $99 Family Four-Pack of Tickets. For seats call (818) 508-4200 or (866) 811-4111. Or order online: www.elportaltheatre.com.

Well, that’s my story for this week … Short but sweet! Back next week to tell you all about “Jitney” opening at The Historical Pasadena Playhouse. 

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