I saw no play for review on the weekend, but will be back next time to report on two newly opening productions. Here’s a sneak peek at both of them….


The Beat Goes On

“The Pink Lady,” Jackie Goldberg’s long awaited “sassy senior” musical production will finally open this weekend at The Arena Stage inHollywood. The fourth in her “Rockin’ with the Ages” series … the first three were fun, but definitely “works in progress.” This one, boasting some of the hottest technical theatrical geniuses in town, and a cast and writer/director of top quality notoriety … promises to be considerably more polished and professional. Should be a hoot!

Collected Stories – Opening at Lonny Chapman Theatre inNorth Hollywood.

A two character play, starring two excellent actresses … Liza de Weerd and Julia Silverman … this one looks like an intriguing journey. It is said to be about a famous short story writer who mentors graduate students. One student, in particular, eventually becomes the professor’s competitor, and publishes her own work of fiction … or is it?

I’ll tell you all about both plays next week!

Halloween Madness!

It’s “Bewitching” time again! After 30 years in business, selling vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories for both “guys ‘n’ dolls” (and lovin’ it) … I am done with Halloween! No costumes for sale at Hubba Hubba! Sorry … I’m pooped! Tho’ I do a whopping business each year in October, it is manic, stressful, exhausting, and frantic! Each year it takes until December before I fully recover! After much thought and retrospection, I’ve decided that I just can’t handle the insanity anymore. Of course I’ll still be open as always, selling my usual “fab” 1930s thru’ 1960s treasures … but I am done with Halloween costume craziness!

However, if it is Mad Men, Monroe, Jackie-O, Audrey Hepburn … or any other famous people from the “Golden Years” you want to “become” … you’ll find many possibilities in my regular jam packed racks. I also have a huge selection of sparkly vintage costume jewelry, to top off a glamorous costume!

Lucky for you … there are now many shops along Magnolia Boulevardwith tons of great Halloween costume choices … (all are my friendly competitors). Do tell them I sent you!MagnoliaPark is booming, and has become the Los Angeles Mecca for vintage costume buying. I do hope you’ll continue to count on Hubba Hubba! for your vintage attire “addictions” … but from this year onward … Check out my neighbors for your whacky Halloween costume needs!

  1. Age of Innocence – 3806 Magnolia
  2. Pin Up Girl – 3606 Magnolia
  3. Reclaimed – 3601A Magnolia
  4. Audrey K – 3414 Magnolia
  5. Best of Times – 3401 Magnolia
  6. Encore Nouveau – 3321 Magnolia
  7. 33 Rooms – 3806 Magnolia
  8. It’s a Wrap – 3315 Magnolia
  9. Junk for Joy – 3314 Magnolia
  10. Swift – 3216 Magnolia
  11. American WayThrift – 3226 Magnolia
  12. Magnolia Gowns & Bridal – 3214 Magnolia
  13. Toadstool Farm – 3202 Magnolia
  14. Playclothes – 3100 Magnolia

There you have it…. Put this list in your car and go Halloween costume shopping! Back next week with my usual theater chat on two new productions. 

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