No News is Good News Newstradamus is Great News


Stevens Gaston and Lisa Benedict in the sketch comedy show “Newstradamus.”

The IO West sketch comedy troupe plays on the looming prediction of Nostradamus’ end of days in 2012, with its playful, entertaining chock full of news – Newstradamus cleverly intertwining journalistic news broadcasts of pending gloom and doom, and our troubled times, with relevant sketches on healthcare, drug abuse, celebrity breakups, and the tea party movement. The ensemble presents a song and dance extravaganza, juxtaposing the bad news with Rihanna’s recurring upbeat song, “Please don’t stop the Music.”

Creative, catchy lyrics from original song material brilliantly touch on timely issues of the day, including unemployment: “Paradise, here I come – sipping martinis and living on government cheese… Drink to unemployment, such a wild dream….”

Recently Jon Stewart commented on his dry wit and sarcasm.

“It’s tough to tread in the muck of parody and not wind up bearing an uncanny resemblance to the things we despise.”

Emulating Stewart (and the late Art Buchwald), this comedy troupe’s premise is, when things look so dismal, such as the daily/evening reports on our local news channels, the best approach is to laugh, not cry or rage. We all love satire, giving a safe outlet to vent about the news and politics we hear. The promising players, sure to be up-and-coming stars in the comedy circuit, include Lisa Benedict, Jamie Fluet, Chad Biagini, Stevens Gaston, Angie Light, Carrie Weisenberg, Kyle McGrath and Jason McNichols.

So, when the sky is falling, and the zombies are haunting, lift your spirits with this pre-Halloween treat, this fun and funny look at current events. The show runs on Fridays at 8 p.m. through October 22 at IO West, 6366 Hollywood Blvd. For more information, call (323) 962-7560 or e-mail

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