The New York Acting Ensemble West Provides Perfect Night of Theatre


Playwright Ken Eulo’s work was featured in The New York Acting Ensemble West’s night of theatre.

My definition of a perfect night of theatre would include several one acts that offer something for everyone. Add a surprise twist or two, and that just puts the cherry on top.

In addition, I would like writing that is superior, situations that sparkle, strong characters with some thought, and sharp and relevant acting. Oh, and throw in a well-cast group of actors as well.

The big plus is to have time to chat with the cast and other creatives afterward — that provides community, which is what theatre is all about. I got all of that at a recent night of theatre featuring The New York Acting Ensemble West.

The Courthouse Playhouse Foundation recently presented the New York Acting Ensemble West 2011 Playfest at the Lounge Theatre. This was a three-night and two-show a night event that incorporated numerous actors and stories — several different one acts — in a perfect flow. We can look forward to more high quality theatre from this group. Keep an eye on to find out more and see what is on the horizon. I suggest you bookmark it.

All of the one acts were the work of the talented writer Ken Eulo, a Eugene O’Neill Award winning playwright. As Ken graciously pointed out, it is the actors that make the scenes come alive — but the words sure did help. That is just another affirmation that this is a collaborative group process from start to end, bringing a number of top talents together. That is also something a perfect night in theatre does: brings in talent and an enthusiastic audience.

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