Who Can Stop the Moon?


By Lorenzo Marchessi

From l, J.P. Giuliotti as Ronnie and writer/director J. Michael Ferniany as Jason in the new play “Who Can Stop the Moon?”

With two years of writing and another two years of “tweaking,” playwright J. Michael Ferniany created this original drama with such passion and desire that it inspired producer Joe Duke to bring the production to the stage!

Once the play was written, Ferniany then took on the challenge of casting and directing the project himself. To take it one step further, he also plays one of the supporting roles, a character named Jason who is the “better half” of a same-sex couple.

“Yes, I’m the playwright, an actor, and the director,” Ferniany chuckles. “Here in Hollywood you have to generate your own work before anyone knows you are even on the map!

“The story is about a middle-aged couple having serious relationship problems,” Ferniany explains. “Megan, played by Pamela Bowen, is haunted by her past. She is a financial analyst and has a boyfriend Marty, played by Evans Forde, who she has been having an affair with and actually loves, but won’t admit it to herself or him. There is so much going on with her — you have to see it.”

And being in the play as part of a gay married couple? “We have a normal, loving relationship,” Ferniany proudly retorts. “We are art dealers and the exact opposite of Megan and Marty’s relationship. My onstage partner Ronnie, played by J.P. Giuliotti, makes the relationship very real.

“We really have a great group of wonderful actors and under-studies who have been working their asses off for over five weeks!”

I am looking forward to seeing this story Ferniany described to me as a “Virginia Woolf-type” drama as Who Can Stop the Moon? runs through Dec. 2 at the Meta Theatre in Los Angeles.

For more information and tickets visit whocanstopthemoon.com.

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