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April Shenandoah is Ambassador of Prayer) is the author of “So… Help Me God” (an inspired work addressed to President Clinton and all who cherish freedom). Since 1988, after serving as the CA press contact for Robertson’s political campaign, Shenandoah was led to research and gather information on the “changing world” we live in. Send comments to

Articles by April:

  • Nashville’s Danny Gokey & Tammy Trent: Love, Loss, Hope, & Sunny Days
  • Miracles: Dead Man Breathing & Joan Hunter (ICRS Orlando Part II)
  • Hollywood Mission: Possible (ICRS Orlando)
  • You Can’t Take It with You
  • Entertainment for the Soul (Part 2)
  • Entertainment for the Soul (Part 1)
  • The Crucifixion of Mel Gibson
  • Emotions Run High at Mickey Gilley Theater
  • “Kwitchurbelyakin” and Spread Some Love
  • Media Madness
  • Jim Bakker: From the Inner City to the Mountain Top
  • Sight & Sound—Bigger Than Broadway