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Lloyd E. Flyer is Alternate Angle

Articles by Lloyd E.:

  • Referendum
  • American’s Edu-hate-tion
  • Shopstacle Course
  • BLOG: Shopstacle Course
  • Colonel Bro
  • That’s Entertainment
  • Celebrity “Meeter”
  • I Humbly Apologize
  • It’s Grrrrreat Exposure
  • Still a Victim?
  • Be a Lobby, Not a Victim
  • Out of Patients
  • Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Do I Have To Hear You Now?
  • One Nation, One Path, First Step
  • Patriotism—Below and Beyond the Call
  • Serious is Not a Four Letter Word
  • Beyond All Reason
  • Putting it all in Con-Text
  • Brother, Can You Spare Some Respect?
  • Six Minutes
  • What Shames U.S. All
  • The Right Report Card
  • Re-age-ucation
  • My Unwelcome Mat
  • To Serve Tolucans
  • The Guys’ Guide to Surviving the Bridal Issues
  • Buyer’s Remorse?
  • Countdown to Clarity