“Go to Your Happy Place” in 2014 … at Lucky Puppy Rescue & Retail

“Go to Your Happy Place” in 2014 … at Lucky Puppy Rescue & Retail

January 3, 2014 • Section: Cover Story

By Viollette Doloricon, Staff Writer The minute you stroll up to the front window of Lucky Puppy Rescue & Retail, a burst of warmth and happiness takes over you. Perhaps it’s the adora-ble pups playing in the front pen, or all the humans beaming with smiles, or maybe it’s both? To the point: Lucky Puppy […]

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Painful Varicose Veins? (0)

Painful Varicose Veins?

Eliminate painful, unsightly varicose veins, skin changes, or even ulcers with Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT). Advantages of Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT): Relief of Symptoms and Leg Pain; Short procedure (15 minutes); No surgery; No down time; No general anesthesia; No hospitalization required. The procedure is performed at our clinic; Resumption of normal activities right away; Covered by […]

Pests can cause significant damage to your home and can be dangerous to your health. (0)

It is the busy season for pest control services in Sydney, so make sure to get in touch with safepestcontrol.net.au as soon as possible if you need any kind of treatment for your home.

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01-01-14 (0)

TOM LABONGE new88 December 2013 Legislative Report Motions Introduced by Councilman LaBonge: Residential Street Addresses Relative to requesting the Department of Building and Safety to report on the current standards relative to residential street addresses and to work the LAFD, LAPD, and the EMD to ensure that current standards meet their operation requirements for emergency […]

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Lone Survivor (0)

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor Runtime 120 minutes. Not for children. World War II’s iconic war movies were A Walk in the Sun (1945) and Battleground (1949). For the time, they were impressive pieces of work. But what they didn’t do was to capture the intensity and violence of battle. They were a lot of talk and not […]

  • American Hustle
  • Salute to Vienna Returns to Walt Disney Concert Hall!
  • The Hot Shots Comedy Cruise Features dozens of “name” TV and movie comedians….
  • Out of the Furnace
  • Inside Llewyn Davis

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Host Robert Osborne Gets the Star Treatment for TCM’s 20th Anniversary (0)

Host Robert Osborne Gets the Star Treatment for TCM’s 20th Anniversary

Robert Osborne is in the spotlight for a special Private Screenings show to celebrate his 20th anniversary as host of Turner Classic Movies. Private Screenings: Robert Osborne premieres January 6 on TCM and has the great host being interviewed by his good friend Alec Baldwin. It is a two-hour show that reveals how Osborne developed […]

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BMW’s Great Treasure of a Car (0)

BMW’s Great Treasure of a Car

There’s been a lot of new product coming out of BMW recently, and getting the most attention has been the new 4-Series coupe (replacing the 3-Series coupe in a numbering update), and the i3 pure electric car. But almost flying under the radar is a wonderful little model that is very “European” in nature. European […]

See why Sheds are essential structures for storing tools and equipment, offering a convenient solution for homeowners seeking to declutter their outdoor spaces.

  • You’re In!
  • Hoop Du Jour
  • Peyton Manning set a single-season touchdown pass record for the second time in his career on Sunday
  • Flying
  • Defense Does It

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Merry Christmas and a 2014 that brings all of you closer to your dreams! (0)

It was a fun and rewarding year, theatrically speaking … and I hope many of you followed my “reviews” and supported L.A. theater. Los Angeles is loaded with talented, hopeful, and creative people, in all areas of “live” theater … and they thrive on our attendance. I hope all of you will put catching a […]

  • The Man in the Red Suit and The Cat & Squirrel Dialogues
  • Walkin’ in a Winter One-Hit-Wonderland Entertains
  • Plaid Tidings
  • I only caught one play for “review” on the weekend. So late on starting my holiday chores …