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Horoscopes Guide Aug. 26, – Sept. 1, 2009

ARIES (March 21-April 19). You appear to be serving those around you. They are grateful, indeed, though they may not understand that your actions are not exclusively to help them. You are really in service of the divine force of love and goodness, and as you tend to that purpose, everyone around you feels the […]

Week of April 1 – 7, 2009

It’s the last week of Aries, and there is still a spark of initiation in the air. Act on those impulses to try something new, reach out to someone you don’t know and go where you’ve never been. Easter happens under an adventurous Sagittarian moon, fueling a quest for fresh horizons. At the end of […]

Week of March 25 – March 31, 2009

Whatever you believe, the world will prove you right. This week offers the chance to decide where you want to be on the scale of optimism to pessimism. Pluto poses ominous questions as he and the sun square off. Mercury enters Aries, and the new moon in Aries follows to refute negativity with a fresh […]

Week of March 18 – March 24, 2009

We are rounding the bend to the last few days of the astrological year. Friday the 20th brings the spring equinox and the solar return to the number one son of the zodiac, Aries. Aries energy is zesty and full of promise. The day and night hours equal each other, nature boasts its new vitality, […]

Week of March 11 – March 17, 2009

Mercury, the messenger planet, enters Pisces, the realm of spirit, bringing up topics of faith and mysticism. There are some who will experience sudden insight this week and determine it to be divinely inspired. Others will be more practical about their flashes of intuition and assume that these experiences are merely a merging of facts […]

Week of March 3 – March 10, 2009

Mercury, the messenger of the zodiac, lines up with Mars, the warrior, to stir the pot and add some zesty spice to it, too. Heated words will be exchanged. Some will dish it out and others will be getting served. But the best person to be is the one who witnesses the controversy and, as […]