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  • Urned Happiness Comes to T.U. Studios
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Gospel Extravaganza at Cap Theatre
  • Twelfth Night at the Noho London Music Hall
  • ‘The Autumn Garden’ Succeeds with Talented Cast and Director
  • Bobby and Matt Features Simple Set, Poignant Plot
  • The Obamanologues Offers Honest, Frank Opinions About President
  • Mother at The Studio at the Elephant Theater
  • Review of The Life and Times of A. Einstein at Theatre West
  • “That Hoochie”
  • “Jungle Kings” at the Raven Playhouse
  • “Confessions of a Vintage Black Queen!” at the Avery Schreiber Theatre
  • “Dr. Frankincense and the Christmas Monster” at the Write Act Repertory Theatre
  • “Sin” at The Playhouse West Repertory Theatre
  • “Mrs. Cage” NoHo Actors Studio
  • “Love Will Tear Us Apart” at the Hudson Guild Theatre
  • “Passions” at the Son of Semele Theatre
  • “End of Civilization” at the Sidewalk Studio Theatre
  • “Diary of a Catholic School Drop Out” At the Avery Schreiber Theatre
  • “Kill Me, Deadly” at the Theatre of Note
  • “Eternal Equinox” At The Grove Theater Center
  • “Sex, Love & Time Travel” At The Raven Playhouse
  • “Evolution Of A Soul 685” at The Whitefire Theatre
  • “Fiery Sword” Actor’s Workout Studio
  • “As You Like It” Next Stage Theatre
  • “The Singing Skeleton” at Stella Adler Theatre
  • “Measure for Measure”
  • “The Way of the World” at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center
  • “The Dinner Party” at the Raven Playhouse
  • “Sins of Heroes” at the Sherry Theatre