A Royal Prince!

There is a charming, busy place in Burbank that is open 24 hours a day, called The Donut Prince. I found out that it first opened almost 40 years ago, and is still going strong! It has changed hands several times, and the present owner, Tech Chea, has owned it for the last 12 years. He and his wife, Betty, have a large neighborhood following, including all of the nearby Studios and businesses who stop in regularly for their boxes to take for their employees. Since a lot of local location shooting goes on at night, lots of film crews and workers show up nightly to enjoy their breaks and snacks. When you first open the door, you immediately sense the delicious aroma of the busy bakery making donuts, muffins and other baked goods while you join the line of customers awaiting their turn to place their orders. I found out that their apple fritters are extremely popular, along with their large selection of numerous doughnuts and muffins. What surprised me is their large selection of at least 15 kinds of delicious coffees! Not only that, but their price for a regular size (12 oz.) was only $1.25 and the large (20 oz.) was just $1.85! What a fabulous deal! I got a chance to sit and chat with the charming Mr. Chea, who is very well liked by his many customers. He has a long history of his many business enterprises, such as owning a convenience store, a coin laundry as well as his own bakery. He uses only the finest ingredients in his doughnuts and baked goods, and even the coffee is organic! The store features many paintings by his talented daughter, as well as gifts from customers. Next time you get in the mood for a great treat, stop in at The Donut Prince with a friend or family— you’ll be pleased you did and you’ll be back for more!

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