I only ventured out in this oppressive heat wave in L.A. to catch one production on the weekend

Luckily, the theatre was blissfully blessed with good A.C. (unlike some small theatres) which we appreciated greatly!

Klepto. Theatreworkshop

A wildly creative “off the wall” evening of two unrelated one act plays, this is a mind teasingly inventive, and whacky offering. Unfolding in a cozy little theatre I’d never been to before (an intimate 45 seats) the experience was “up close and personal” for the audience. Undeniably unique, both mini plays were artistically pretty “out there.” One looking at the questionable romantic choices we make … and the other a hysterical look at bullfighting, from the viewpoint of both the bull and the matador.

The Arctic Circle (& A Recipe for Swedish Pancakes)

Jude Evans and Katie Apicella in “The Arctic Circle.”

Jude Evans and Katie Apicella in “The Arctic Circle.”

Billed as a Brechtian comedy, written with maniacal madness by Samantha Macher, and directed by McKerrin Kelly, this one was a bit challenging to keep up with … but a lot of fun. The story of Elin, a young woman ensconced in an unsatisfying marriage … we are privy to the details of her varied relationships through the years. Jumping back and forth through time and men, she ponders her romantic history … and discovers her “true self” in the process. Katie Apicella gives a passionate and animated performance, as the frustrated Elin. Amy Scribner who narrates the action onstage, does an admirably colorful job of keeping the storyline in check for us. Adam Tomei is captivating as her lackluster longtime husband, and Jude Evans is a quirky riot, playing a variety of her past lovers. Claire Awad commendably rounds out the cast in a variety of character roles. As I said, it was tricky at times to follow the time lines, as the story darts in and out of Elin’s unsatisfactory romances … but there were many humorous, contemplative, and touching moments.

The Matador – An Anti-Play

From l, Kareem Cervantes, Susanna Young, Mark Ostrander, and Emma Sperka in “The Matador.”

From l, Kareem Cervantes, Susanna Young, Mark Ostrander, and Emma Sperka in “The Matador.”

A zany love triangle, written hilariously and with plenty of “steam heat,” by Robert Plowman, and directed by Todd Ristau, this one was a nonstop laugh-fest! Colorfully creative and sinfully sexy! We are privy to the competitive interaction between a matador (a zany Mark Ostrander) who has killed 16 bulls and been gored by 7 … and a Bull, who says, “Death sits on my shoulder like a bloody little bird” (a hysterically cocky Susanna Young). The gorgeous Emma Sperka sizzles with “vintage va va voom” as the naughty dame who “has her way” with both of them! Kareem Cervantes rounds out the cast charmingly, as “the boy,” offering inspiration to the troubled Matador. Cleverly interspersed with a few nutty song/dance numbers, this one was a hallucinogenic hoot! “Live” theater offers endless possibilities and situations we may never have experienced…. This clever production is fearlessly inventive from start to finish! Running through Sept. 22 at Studio/Stage located at 520 N. Western in Los Angeles. To book seats go to Kleptotheatreworkshop.com or brownpapertickets.com/event449039.

The Buchanan Arms – A “wee” local tip….

A Burbank tradition … serving cocktails, “yummy” fish n’ chips, and other traditional British fare, on Burbank Boulevard since 1977 … I hadn’t been there for many years. The much loved original owners, Rennie and Helen have since passed on, but the place is still family run. The gorgeous bartender/actor David, and sweet waitress Shannon, took good care of me. If you’ve never been there … check it out!

That’s my story for this time. Back next week with more entertainment chatter to get you “out n’ about”!

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