Let Dr. Rabin Answer Your Questions at “Menopause Madness” Lecture on Sept. 4

By Cindy Ortiz, Staff Writer

Steven A. Rabin, MD
Integrative Gynecologist
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

BURBANK,Calif.– Have you ever wondered where to receive high quality tips and resources concerning menopause? Look no further. Dr. Steven Rabin ofProvidence SaintJosephMedicalCenteris here for you.

“The biggest component missing in health care is solid patient education,” Dr. Rabin tells us in an interview. “Every year, there are several books on menopause, because there’s a huge market for it, but it’s not peer-driven information.”

Instead of pinpointing the root of the menopause issue, some doctors will prescribe the patient drugs and not deal with the problem, Dr. Rabin says. Sleeping pills, anti-depressants, and even birth control pills are considered mere bandages. On his website, Dr. Rabin calls this alternative the “cookie cutter approach.”

This approach is advised by doctors most of the time, instead of encouraging patients to change their lifestyle habits and treating them naturally, as Dr Rabin does. Exercising, staying hydrated, and getting more sleep can solve many of these problems.

One of his successful techniques? He shares: “As a physician, if you just shut up and listen to what the patient is saying, she will tell you what’s wrong with her, and that makes it easy. Whether she’s right or wrong, I go down that path and 89% of the time, she’s right.”

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center.

Although Dr. Rabin is new toSaint Joseph’s, he is no stranger to women’s issues. He had 17 years’ experience as an obstetrician at his practice inAtlantawhen he started as a gynecologist five years ago. He moved his practice toBurbankwhere he has been working atSaint Joseph’s for about a month, and is excited to develop new relationships with his patients providing quality service.

Next month,Saint Joseph’s will host “Menopause Madness,” a lecture exclusively for women taught by none other than Dr. Rabin. He will address the hot topics of menopause that every woman should be informed about. Dr. Rabin has had several public speaking events throughout his career, but he expects this lecture to be his best presentation and he hopes that this will bring him exposure to theBurbankcommunity. “It’s sort of my debut, my premiere, ‘Here I am,’” he says.

Dr. Rabin gives us a scoop of what he will share at the lecture: “Separating fact from fiction to better women’s decisions so they can feel better having their lives transformed.” Sound convincing? We think so.

To learn more about Dr. Rabin’s practice, visit his website at gyn1.com. The free lecture is on Tuesday, September 4, from 6-7:30 p.m. atProvidence SaintJosephMedicalCenter located at501 S. Buena Vista St. in Burbank. Call 1-888-HEALING (1-) to reserve your seat. Free parking and light refreshments will be provided.