Tony’s Darts Away: Your World-Class Pub, Right Around the Corner

By Cindy Ortiz

Tony’s is located right off the Burbank bike path and is central to major studios, businesses, and neighborhoods.

Tony’s is located right off the Burbank bike path and is central to major studios, businesses, and neighborhoods.

BURBANK — Did you know one of the world’s best pubs is located in your neighborhood? No joke. For two years in a row, Tony’s Darts Away has been on Rate Beer’s top 50 list of best beer bars in the world and, for three straight years, one of Draft Magazine’s best 100 beer bars in the country.

A vegan-friendly menu, breakfast and brunch, a beer library of 200 books (yes, a library where you can take books home about beer), board games, wine served from kegs, “green” in recycling, a bottle-free bar, and biker friendly. What more could you ask for? Oh, and their rare and exclusive 40 taps of draft beer are available every day.

Family-owned by husband and wife Tony and Amy Yanow, the bar is located right off the Burbank bike path and is central to major studios, businesses, and neighborhoods. Regulars walk over with their dogs and enjoy the patio or bikers come to quench their thirst after a workout.

Tony’s Darts Away, home of the “Honest Pint.”

Tony’s Darts Away, home of the
“Honest Pint.”

They offer “the best beer in the world,” Tony Yanow says. We think so too. A pint of brew costs only $6 in a 20-ounce pint glass. You won’t find that anywhere else in Los Angeles. Yanow believes in the “Honest Pint,” where a customer will get their money’s worth with 16 ounces of liquid and three-to-four ounces of head. Now that’s a deal!

Not only are the prices wonderful, so is their beer selection. They’re proud to do business with breweries right here in California. Yanow, also the owner of Golden Road Brewing and Mohawk Bend, other well-known brew spots in Los Angeles, says they receive special craft beers given exclusively to Tony’s Darts Away.

“Because we buy here so much and so often, we’re privileged to forge long-lasting relationships with the premier brewers in California,” Yanow says.

Another reason why Tony’s is so great? They are eco-friendly. Their beer and wine are delivered in a keg and served straight into a glass, which is rare for any bar. Bet you’ve never heard of a bottle-free bar until now.

And for all you night-owl hooligans, the kitchen is open till midnight, which is rare in the city of Burbank.

Yanow believes his staff and beer are the reason why Tony’s has earned its recognition. “Our staff is well-trained,” he says. “They brew beer, know the ingredients, have certain levels of qualification, and [know] beer standards.”

When locals or out-of-towners are serious about finding the best beer in town, they go to the following sites: Rate Beer, Draft Magazine, and Beer Advocate. Not surprisingly, Tony’s Darts Away is at the top of these popular publications and not to mention, Yelp. The business has kept up a whopping four-and-a-half stars rating on Yelp for an ongoing three years!

But if you really want the inside scoop, we recommend you go for their famous and one-of-a-kind “Darts Away IPA” served only on their anniversary in April. Patrons call and e-mail asking for the brew and when it will return. Keep an eye out for this one, folks.

“I love pubs because of the neighborhood aspect,” Yanow says, “and I always refer to it as my neighborhood pub, like an extension of my living room.” If your living room was this cool!

Tony’s Darts Away is located at 1710 Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank. For more information, visit their website at or call .

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