Confessions of a Cat Lady Offers a Fun Look at Life

“Confessions of a Cat Lady (with a Side of Crazy)” written and performed by Tiffany Anne Price.

Tiffany Anne Price gives a physical and energetic performance in her autobiographical show Confessions of a Cat Lady (with a Side of Crazy) which staged last weekend at Theatre Asylum in Hollywood. The production has also been performed in alliance with the LA Comedy Festival and is part of the Phoenix Fringe in March 2012.

The writer/performer bounds on stage and offers a series of confessions of her most embarrassing and revealing stories. The confession style helps to bring random parts of life together. The story is honest and heartfelt as she takes the audience on a ride with stops at cats, more cats, jealousy, friends, bathroom phobia, and various crazy sides thrown in as well. It makes for a hilarious mash-up as she glides through various stages of life including life’s special, usual and unusual episodes. So in a way most all can relate to some experience.

The production before and during is spiced with nice little nuggets of Beatles songs and other hits of yesteryear with numerous pop culture references inserted in the script, thus embellished with occasional memorable musical moments.

In just under an hour the show engages the audience and the performer uses a wide range of tools to enhance the physicality; in fact her hair dances its way to distinction. Kimleigh Smith directs.

Tiffany Anne Price will perform Confessions of a Cat Lady again on Feb. 15th at 7:30 p.m. at the Theatre Asylum. For tickets, upcoming shows, and other information, visit,, or call .

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