I took some time off on the weekend, “theatrically speaking…”

But I have two highly anticipated productions to catch this Friday and Saturday. They both look enticingly creative! I’ll let you know.

Nine – Opening this Friday, July 12, at The Met Theatre in Hollywood.

Presented by the fearlessly ferocious and highly revered Doma Theatre Company, following their exciting sold out and extended production of Dreamgirls. It was spectacular! Doma’s masterminds, Marco Gomez and Dolph Ramos, are making quite a name for themselves, with their innovative impact on the L.A. musical theater scene! Every Doma production, reenacting well-known musicals… are “larger than life” spectacles, offered in a 99 seat theatre. Not an easy task. This time around, they are taking on the glamorous world of “Cinema Italiano,” offering Nine (the multiple award-winning musical, based on Fellini’s semi-autobiographical film, 8 ½). I have no doubt that it will be compelling. Book seats now while you can still get them! Call or go to domatheatre.com… and tell them The Tolucan Times sent you!

The Island – A World Premiere. Opening this Saturday at T.U. Studios in North Hollywood. Presented by Sky Pilot Theatre Co.

Billed as an original musical re-imagining of Shakespeare’s The Tempest in a modern-day alternate timeline… this highly imaginative troupe consistently offers thought-provoking productions. An eclectic score of many styles of original music retells the epic story, performed by a strong cast of actors/singers. Sounds like a bit of a mind teaser to me! For seats/ more info, call or go to SkyPilotTheatre.com.

Garbo’s Cuban Lover – Re-opens for a few weeks at The Macha Theatre in West Hollywood on July 20.

Having staged this play a few times over the years, to rave reviews, this sultry re-imagined version, written and co-directed by Odalys Nanin, is said to be sassier than ever! Exposing the secret lives and love affairs of some of early Hollywood’s most celebrated Divas… Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, and Mercedes de Acosta, to name a few … much of the cast is attired in 1930s clothing bought at my shop, “Hubba Hubba!” Thanks for that honor, Odalys! To book seats call .

Back next week with more theatrical tidbits!

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