The Repeat Offender

By Bea Wolff

Jason Steed in action, delivering his lines so cleverly in “The Re-peat Offender.”

British actor Jason Steed explodes with emotion in his 60-minute one man show aptly titled The Repeat Offender. Relentlessly pursuing the theme of a young man trying to find his place in the world, Jason recounts his personal story of breaking society’s rules to compensate for growing up in a dysfunctional family inLondon’s equivalent of a poor American project.

What Jason has put together is more than a powerful retelling of the story of his life and how his father’s time in prison affected his family. It’s a calling card for casting agents, who will be duly impressed by the range of his acting capabilities. He creates multiple characters that are convincing and real. He is as comfortable portraying a moving Othello as he is at lip-syncing rap. He weeps over his sister’s flirtation with death one moment, crying real tears that pour down his cheeks, and then dances across the stage with abandon the next. With a commitment to whatever he’s portraying, he fearlessly depicts his life experiences, revealing himself to be as he wrote the part for himself: adorable, defiant, tender, homophobic, intimate, sexual, fun-loving, frightened, gutsy, physical, and always verging on the offensive, which he brazenly threatens to repeat and often does.

All these parts of himself are revealed with conviction, despite his having an easily detectable underlying desire to please, which cries through the material like the abandoned child he once was not so long ago.

Presented by Knight of the Sun Entertainment, The Repeat Offender has a performance at 7:15 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 18, at StraitJacket Society located at6470 Santa Monica Blvd. inLos Angeles. General admission is $10. Reservations are not necessary but can be made by emailing: .

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