A Different Kind of Fitness

Come fly with us at Aeriform Arts!

AERIFORM ARTS is a new studio located in North Hollywood! Aeriform Arts was born from a dream to create an Aerial/Pole/ Stretching based playground. One studio, with no judgments, where everyone and every “body” can come together to work out and have fun while doing it.

We offer classes in: Aerial Yoga (which combines traditional yoga, pilates, and aerial training. It is designed for both those with no aerial experience or those with some, and utilizes low-hanging soft fabric hammocks to support body weight for deep stretching and effortless inversions); Lyra (which teaches progressive aerial arts moves using the hoop apparatus — aka Lyra — including mounts, spins, swings, combinations, and balancing skills); Aerial Fit (a conditioning class utilizing Pole, Beam, Barre, Hammocks, Silks, and Lyra); Pole (which includes a warm-up, challenging level-appropriate pole tricks & transitions, plus a weekly dance assignment for free expression/dance at end of class or choreography work); Mat Pilates; Yoga; Stretching; and Classic Burlesque.

All classes are multi-level and great for beginners or people with experience. Whether you are looking for something completely new, a strong workout, deep practice, or just want to let go and fly for a bit — we pride ourselves with having an easygoing yet knowledgeable staff that works hard towards helping our clients explore and achieve their maximum potential.

Visit us at www.aeriformarts.com to sign up for classes and get more info or call at .

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