Her Real Estate Is Worth the Wait

By Viollette Doloricon,
Staff Writer

During the Thanksgiving Holiday More Than Ever My Thoughts Turn Gratefully to Those Who Have Made My Progress and Success Possible. 

aida_xRamsey-Shilling Associates has served the Valley in real estate from the time of 1953, and Aida Poladian has been dedicated to buying and selling homes with them since 1978. Aida is the perfect soldier for the firm because she is passionate about everything that is Toluca Lake. “Toluca Lake is a highly desirable place to live. A huge perk of living here is its geographical position. The central location provides favorable options to the San Fernando Valley, while also being close to freeways to get in to and around Los Angeles and the South Land.”

Aida loves working with people, and specializes in estate properties, single-family homes, and apartment buildings. After 35 years in the business Aida is still enthusiastic about her role as a realtor. “Every transaction is new and different, but what always stays the same is the level of excitement felt when people buy and/or sell their home. It gives me great pleasure when nice people achieve their goal of buying a new home; it’s as simple as that.”

Aida was drawn to the Toluca Lake area right away, and moved nearby in 1978. What keeps her and her family here is an established community feel. “Everything is easy and comfortable in Toluca Lake. You have Riverside Drive where you can walk to wonderful restaurants and shops without a fuss. You also have banks and a grocery store that are all steps from one another. And people forget that Toluca Lake DOES indeed have two picturesque lakes: one on the North Hollywood side and the other on the Burbank side.”

When asked who is moving in to the area Aida immediately responds with celebrities. “Toluca Lake is a safe haven. Of course these celebrities like to maintain their privacy, and the local residents are conscious of this; everyone respects one another without hesitation.” Along with this trend Aida is impressed by how much the development of Universal City has impacted the Toluca Lake and surrounding areas. “The economy has been noticeably trending upwards. There has been more traffic, but there has also been more foot traffic, especially with the advent of the Metro stop. That is promising for surrounding businesses, which is very exciting.”

Aida is fortunate enough to be consistently busy, but not too busy to share quality time with her five grandchildren this holiday season. “I love spending any possible downtime with them. I’m looking forward to taking them to our upcoming Toluca Lake Open House on Dec. 6. There will be street performers, merchant giveaways, food, and a tree-lighting ceremony. This is what I’m talking about as the essence of Toluca Lake: a proud and family-friendly community.”

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