More new state laws 2019

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1. Native Americans

The Tribal Panel may grant funds to non-gaming and limited gaming tribes. Students may wear tribal regalia as adornment at school graduations.

2. Landslide

Loss resulting from multiple perils, including mud or debris flows, shall be covered losses if “efficient proximate causes.” New construction excluded for certain rainwater recapture systems.

3. Paid leave

Now required for workers who must attend to family matters regarding a covered active duty military service members.

4. Defibrillators

If required to provide lifeguard services and charge direct fees, must provide on-site defibrillators. Also required in certain buildings renovated with more than $100,000.

5. Privacy

Hotels, performance venues, and other specified enterprises are prohibited from distributing personal information of guests except for law enforcement, and consumers have new rights to their information collected by businesses which must use sophisticated software to protect consumers if they reasonably know their system has security risks to individuals.

6. Homeowners Associations

Electronic notices are allowed if members consent.

7. Cyber terrorism

Is now a basis for proclaiming a state of emergency.

8. Property tax

Transfers to same-gender domestic partners are now excluded from “change in ownership” laws, retroactive to January 2000.

9. Lighters

Now unlawful to sell non-odorized butane with certain size exemptions.

10. Immigration status

Cannot be disclosed in open court without special determination.

11. Balloons

Those constructed of electrically conductive material must be permanently marked with appropriate warning of fire risk.

12. Air filtration

School bond funds may be used for filtration systems in eligible communities.

13. Property inspectors

Cannot be accompanied by financially interested parties during inspections of commercial properties.

14. Pets

Emergency responders may provide basic first aid to dogs and cats. Store operators must keep for two years health records of each sold animal and provide specified records to customers.

15. Labeling

Certain food containers may be sold with “nonfunctional slack fill” as exemptions to current law.

16. Children’s meals

Restaurants must offer water, milk or non-dairy alternatives to default options.

17. Human trafficking

Hotel workers must be instructed about the subject as defined.

18. Vehicles

Police may seize unpermitted autonomous vehicles. School buses must soon have seat belts. Drivers must pull over behind garbage trucks with flashing lights. Car rental companies may use electronic trackers for vehicles not timely returned. Refusing a DUI blood test is no longer a crime. Searches allowed when vehicle lawfully seized. New rules for motor scooters. Tickets for minor not wearing bicycle helmet correctable by proving helmet ownership and attending a safety course. Certain limits on electric vehicle meters now prohibited.

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Harmon Sieff is an attorney based in Encino. Call him at (818) 986-4563 or email him at Visit his office online at

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