Yoshie Morino, a Fresh Face Actress for Our Multi-Cultural World

Yoshie Morino.

Yoshie Morino.

Yoshie Morino sees her Asian heritage as an asset for her blossoming acting career. The beautiful young lady has already appeared in a variety of national commercials, films, television, and theater productions. “It is a multi-cultural world and we expect to see more diversity in the casting of roles. Stories are enhanced by seeing people who can bring much more to a character with a different look or background,” says Yoshie, who was born in Yokohama, Japan.

“I feel the industry today is different from the casting in the past. I have been able to read for roles that are not specifically written for Asian women, which shows progress with casting. I have found increasingly more acceptance for non-traditional roles,” the actress describes her recent experience making the rounds in Hollywood. “People are becoming more open to diversity when considering which actor for a role in the United States.” Yoshie was raised in a multi-cultural environment, and her family also has roots in China. When she was a child, she showed an interest in performing and was enrolled in Tokyo’s respected Himawari theater group. While in junior high, she did modeling and won roles in theater and television productions.

She came to the U.S. and earned a BA in economics from Pepperdine University. Then Yoshie turned her attention to an acting career and received major exposure for her MasterCard International commercial. She was praised by Academy Award nominated director, Bennett Miller, for the successful commercial. She looks forward to what the future holds as her acting career continues to evolve.

“Among the things I try to bring to each role, is my own unique life experience, as well as my understanding of the character as it fits into the story line.” says Yoshie Morino, who hopes to inspire others who are pursuing their dreams.

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