Trends in Beauty: Blue Medi Spa’s Innovative Pearl Laser

A long time ago, a wise woman told me that beauty hurts!

Virginia Madsen, a regular at Blue Medi Spa.

Virginia Madsen, a regular at Blue Medi Spa.

As a journalist interested in the latest trends, and who resides in a city where beauty is key, I am always open to learning about the latest buzz in beauty. At a recent party at Blue Medi Spa, I heard about Pearl, a laser treatment, not exactly 2013, but new to this salon and known for its revitalizing benefits.

This day spa took over a spot that was once a movie theater. Located on a busy Ventura Boulevard strip in Sherman Oaks, Blue Medi Spa melts all your stresses as soon as you hit the all-white and blue Zen-like lobby.

Even “The Doctors” featured Pearl, which takes years off your face with one or two treatments. It’s recommended for discolorations, fine lines, and wrinkles. Compared to other lasers, the down time is three-to-five days.

“The best part of this is that you can see the results after one treatment,” says Annie Temple, beauty consultant at Blue. “This is a treatment designed for superficial — pigmentations, redness, irritations, and fine lines. It’s not too invasive. It’s in the middle of the road when it comes to treatments. Middle of the road meaning, not too light and not too strong.”

I have never had a laser, but am open to learning about them.

Temple says this treatment immediately feels like really bad sunburn. “It’s hot at first.” She says that an at-home remedy of cold compresses of vinegar and ice help calm down the skin. “It helps bring pigmentation to the top and helps keep bacteria away.”

The brunette beauty reports, “It’s three-to-five days of social down time. After the top layer comes off, there’s new skin underneath. That means no makeup is suggested for another week and no sunscreen for a few days after the five-day period.”

Blue Spa does this treatment in three sections: the face; the face and neck; and the face, neck, and chest. “We don’t suggest doing the neck by itself because you will see a line of demarcation. If you need another treatment, it is suggested that you wait four-to-six weeks.”

Toni Braxton and her sisters were recent guests at the spa. They didn’t have this particular treatment because it’s not recommended for women of color. “This is a level three. Toni is way too dark to receive a treatment like this.” Other spa regulars include Virginia Madsen, Shannon Elizabeth, Nikki Cox, and Courtney Bingham.

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