Body & Brain Holistic Wellness & Yoga Center (Part 2)

Inna Tuler, CEO, Maintco Corp., a full service general contractor in the retail and food service industry, like most business owners, experiences a number of challenges with increased competition, gaining customer loyalty, and dealing with uncertainty, to name a few. Inna shares:

“Since I met Fatima in 2012 and trained with her I’ve adopted many tools that help me better manage stress and stay focused in most difficult situations. I’ve gained more extraverted self-confidence and am able to express myself more freely and, most importantly, in front of a larger group of people.

“After losing my husband 2 years ago — who was also my business partner — I was faced with the fact of leading my company and my family all on my own. This was an enormously difficult task but with Body & Brain and Fatima’s helping hand I now have much more peace of mind, my emotions are in place, and my spirits are up. I live a bright life and see a bright future. That takes over and handles all and any challenges.”

Cheryl works in the Finance Department of a local entertainment company. She finds that working with other people day-to-day, though no different than other industries, is one of the common challenges in the entertainment world. Going to Body & Brain at the end of the day allows her to take a break and shake off the day’s problems. Her favorite Vibration class helps restores her energy and at the same time relaxes her mind and body.

Simon, national sales account executive with Azteca America, differentiates Body & Brain from other wellness centers as a very healing, inspiring, and empowering experience. He finds the manner in which the classes are taught enjoyable and doable and notes that the members are an embracing group of people. “Fatima’s way of being makes everyone feel welcome and empowered. With Body & Brain practices, I am more grounded, focused, and productive at work and at home even in the midst of chaos and stress. When doing Brain Wave Vibration, I go into the zone; my mind is calm and I move forward with confidence.”

The Body & Brain Holistic Wellness & Yoga Center is located at 1054 W. Alameda Ave. in Burbank. For more information on classes, call .

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