Rehabilitative Massage Therapist Chooses La Canada to Open Studio

State-licensed massage therapist Christina Zotti.

State-licensed massage therapist
Christina Zotti.

LA CANADA, Calif. – Christina Zotti believes massage therapy is a calling, not a job. “My work is rehabilitative and therapeutic,” she says. “I find the root of the problem and my clients live better lives because of the type of massage they receive. I tailor each massage, addressing each individual’s issues.”

Zotti has been perfecting her craft for over 12 years. She believes everyone picks up stress in their bodies: stress from work, from other people, grieving, financial issues, broken hearts, and all the other results of city living.

“This stress builds in our bodies and soon affects our mental state, feeling anxious, tired, getting headaches, and so on. The stress tightens the muscles, compressing on our nerves and psyche and slowing down and decreasing blood and oxygen flow. That stress is what I call our ‘Suit of Armor,’ which we wear and carry around, sometimes even in our sleep (Restless Legs Syndrome, Night Terrors, etc.)

“Through questioning and understanding the client’s lifestyle, I work with the body and figure out the right kind of pressure to be applied painlessly that will stretch their muscles. My hands, head, and heart figure out the root of the tension and tightness.”

Repeat clients agree that Zotti is “a miracle worker,” which she accepts as the result of doing what one loves and what one is here to do.

“Please come in and get on my table and find out for yourself,” she says. “I believe in giving back to the community. This is my way, one body at a time.”

Christina Zotti, Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Massage, is located at 1415 Foothill Blvd. in La Canada Flintridge. For more information, call or visit