Core Beauty — Time to Redefine What Beautiful Means

By Melissa McNamara

Melissa McNamara has over 19 years experience as a makeup artist and beauty educator. She provides one-on-one lessons and group seminars in her studio in Universal City.

It’s a New Year, and it’s time for a New You. Right? Isn’t that what we all strive for? The truth is that beauty is so much deeper than a resolution that is impossible to keep. It is a reflection of who you really are and the uniqueness you bring to the world.

As a makeup artist for over 19 years, I’ve seen the impact that the media has on the everyday woman. The outside world places so much emphasis on our physical beauty. Just open any magazine and take a look. The way beauty is defined is so limited and — let’s face it — is completely unrealistic to strive for. It’s no wonder that many of us look in the mirror and feel less than ideal.

Think about what beauty really means to you and how you present that to the world. I believe that if we are truly aware of what makes each and every of one us unique, special, and different; your core beauty shines through naturally. Once you have a deeper understanding of your core beauty, then you can work on small improvements with makeup artistry tricks or a new hairstyle.

Here is my challenge to you in 2012. At the end of every day, think of something beautiful about yourself. If you make someone laugh, you are humorous — which is beautiful. If you lift someone’s spirits when they are down, you are compassionate — which is beautiful. Always appreciate the fabulous person you are, and you will always feel beautiful.

If you would like to redefine your beauty, now’s your chance! The next Core Beauty Workshop is Jan. 28. To register and for more details, please go to or see the ad in this issue. If you would like a one-on-one appointment, you can see me in my boutique in Universal City. I offer consultations, makeovers, airbrush tans, and I even train others how to do what I do!

Please visit my blog at for more information and additional makeup tips. I am located in Blue Velvet Salon located at 4222 Lankershim Blvd. Call for an appointment at .

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