Marilyn … Madness & Me at the Historic El Portal Theatre

Alison Janes in “Marilyn ... Madness & Me.”

Alison Janes in “Marilyn … Madness & Me.”

Something startling is happening in the Monroe Forum at El Portal Theatre. Playing to preview audiences since Sept. 19, the world premiere drama Marilyn … Madness & Me has been generating a lot of buzz!

The controversies surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s life and death are themselves the stuff of which legends are born. Did she have an ill-fated affair with John Kennedy? Did she truly believe he was going to leave Jackie for her? How did she die? Suicide? Accidental overdose? Murder? What part, if any, did Robert Kennedy play in her death?

These questions have swirled around the actress’s legend for decades, and show no sign of going away. Add to that now, the elements in the new, controversial play coming to the Monroe Forum in the El Portal Theatre in September. Marilyn … Madness & Me, from the pen of Frank V. Furino, tells the story of a secret relationship between Marilyn and a man who purports to have come into possession of her diary the night she died. The story line, says Furino, is a combination of their unique bond and the excerpts from Marilyn’s diary, some of which are quite controversial.

Adam Meyer in “Marilyn ... Madness & Me.”

Adam Meyer in “Marilyn … Madness & Me.”

“What makes it so intriguing, is that for as unique a story as it is – it has undeniable elements of truth to it,” explains Furino. “That’s why I made the commitment to write the play. This story could very well be true! And if it is … that secret relationship changed history.

“I’m thrilled to have two outstanding actors bring the story to life, Adam Meyer and Alison Janes,” continues Furino. “And we’re all lucky to work with our amazing director, Joe Leonardo – one of America’s best. Together they know exactly when to ramp up the passion, and when to let the story do the talking.”

Audiences have been undeniably intrigued. “We have never had people debate a show with one another as much as they do coming out of Marilyn … Madness & Me,” reports El Portal Manager Jay Irwin. “And we’ve already had people buy tickets to see it a second time to catch the clues they missed the first time.”

Based on an original concept by Didier Bloch, Marilyn … Madness & Me plays Thursdays through Sundays in the Monroe Forum at El Portal located at 5269 Lankershim Blvd. until Oct. 13 only. Tickets are available online at, or by calling the box office at or .