Gindi Thai — Seven Years of Serendipity

By Jennifer Speer

Braised Short Ribs in Green Curry.

Braised Short Ribs in Green Curry.

There’s a place in Burbank that’s celebrating its birthday this coming weekend … and they’d like you to join the party. A place that’ll give you the same peaceful feeling as being under the warm sun with your feet in the water. Where the atmosphere fuses simple, modern shapes and colors with fantastic organic and culinary textures. Where great meetings of minds — and mouths — occur.

Gindi Thai has become a favorite among foodies in L.A. for their unique cuisine, their symphonious flavors. Their ever-popular full bar flows openly with such summer succulence as Cucumber Coolers with Cucumber Vodka – a crisp, refreshing snap to relieve you on a sweltering day. Or treat yourself to a luxury lunch with the Atlantic Salmon Salad: Thai-style grilled salmon with spring mix and tomatoes tossed with a tangy-but-sweet mango salsa and spicy ginger dressing.

Inventive and classic in equal measure, the chefs at Gindi Thai are not afraid to take today’s flavors and create something few have seen in this food genre. On visitors’ lips are not only the sounds of culinary ecstasy for the time-tested favorites that have gained city-wide recognition for seven years, but also the whispers of anticipation for the future promise of dishes not yet created.

Mango, Tuna, and Avocado Roll.

Mango, Tuna, and Avocado Roll.

And in honor of their seven-year anniversary, they’re serving up inspired meals such as the Tender-Cubed Mignon – cut and sautéed with fresh garlic, a lean and very healthy treat cooked to such perfection it melts in your mouth, paired with steamed asparagus, baby carrots, and a wasabi Sriracha mayonnaise — or their Mango-Tuna-Jalapeno Sushi Roll, which encourages your tongue to explode in sensory overload as the flavors mingle. Mention their anniversary or this article to your waiter, and they’ll also provide complimentary sparkling wine to all customers that join them in the celebration that continues through the weekend of June 7.

Gindi Thai has only improved since opening, and they pride themselves on their reputation with the locals as well as changing people’s perceptions of what Thai food can be. Eric Sansangasakun, the owner, exudes an aura of insightful consideration to customers’ opinions. He genuinely cares about the whole dining experience – right down to the garnishes and light fixtures. Be it with friends, a quiet night for lovers, or a family friendly event, they will do whatever they can to accommodate you and see that your time there is … well … perfect.

So when you are hot in L.A. this weekend, go visit somewhere hot and cool. Join Gindi Thai in celebration of their seven-year reign and enjoy their sweet summer specials.

Gindi Thai is located at 4017 W. Riverside Dr. in Burbank. They deliver and cater. To make reservations, call or visit

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