Silencing Silas … A Play Previewing a Film

By Jenny Daniels

Aubrie Wienholt from “Silencing Silas.”

Anthony Mora, a novelist/playwright/screenwriter, whose works have been compared to Mamet, Pinter, LaBute, and Nabokov, is premiering his new work, Silencing Silas, as part of P.L.A.Y. Noir. Silencing Silas marks Mora’s first collaboration with Sarah Kelly and James Elden of Punk Monkey Productions. Directed by Dan Fishbach, the play signals Mora’s second collaboration with actress Aubrie Wienholt, who played the role of Jillian Spears in Modern Love.

While Mora wrote Silencing Silas as a one act, he chose to leave the work open ended. “It has a lethal female lead,” Mora explains, “I see it as a film in the vein of Body Heat or The Last Seduction.”

Mora published his first novel Bang! A Love Story in 1998. Linda Cardellini starred in a theatrical adaptation in Los Angeles and New York. His other works include: P.O.P.: The Principles of Perfection, Modern Love, and his newest work, Hang Fire.

“I plan to direct Hang Fire as a play,” Anthony explains. “I adapted it as a screenplay, which opened it up quite a bit.” Suffused with Mora’s trademark edgy, dark humor, Hang Fire explores the shadow side of sex and power. It tells the stories of members of a sex therapy group who kick out their therapist but continue meeting. A new member finds herself trapped in what rapidly transforms into a private revenge clique set on a dangerous vigilante mission.

P.L.A.Y. Noir will also feature the premiere of Ann Convery’s Shoofly. Convery, who is Mora’s partner personally and professionally, has had books published by HarperCollins and Avon. In Shoofly a disgraced ex-cop is double-crossed by a haunted mystery woman.

P.L.A.Y. Noir runs from June 8 to July 1, at The Actors Workout Studio inNorth Hollywood

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