Why I Died, A Comedy! Examines Healing

Katie Rubin in “Why I Died, a Comedy!”

Katie Rubin in “Why I Died, a Comedy!”

Tough but hilarious, Katie Rubin’s world-premiere one-woman show, Why I Died, a Comedy!, blends spiritual search with pressing creative deadlines to discuss what it means to find enlightenment in life and in work. Rubin combines thoughtful writing and excellent acting in the truly funny production.

While being pestered by her pushy producer anxious to receive new pages for an upcoming show, Rubin undergoes a spiritual awakening that forces her to examine her consciousness and world view as she deals with a bevy of complicated individuals, both real and imagined. Can she find contentment at the same time as she strives for career success?

Rubin’s kinetic and imaginative mind spins between spiritual insights discovered in Sufism, false prophets of popular culture, moral and spiritual prejudices, and the paths of personal creativity to examine what it means to be open, accepting, and whole.

Intense and spirited, Rubin radiates a passionate glow, eager to share her emotional journey. Her expressive face, vivid vocalizations, and animated body movements bring her diverse characters to life, including questioning an Egyptian immigrant, vapid game show host, flaky New Age disciple, and aspiring infomercial star.

Director Victor Bumbalo does a fine job of channeling Rubin’s energy, and his design staff provides fine illumination of her emotional journey.

While dealing with spiritual issues, the show contains adult language and situations, and is for mature audiences only.

Katie Rubin humorously merges the healing and revealing aspects of spirituality and creativity to examine finding one’s place in the world.

Why I Died, A Comedy! plays Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8 p.m. through Nov. 23 at the Hudson Theatre Mainstage located at 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Tickets cost $20 and can be purchased by calling , or online at KatieRubin.com.

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